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If you've made it this far - it means you've been shortlisted as trialist, YAY! Thank you for giving us your time and we can't wait to make you the dream jacket in exchange. 
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Welcome to the future of 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.



What is the Fit Finder process?

You’ll be temporarily sent an adjustable jacket to your home, and a link to a 5 minute video. You’ll use the adjustable jacket to self-select your perfect sleeve length, jacket length, waist width, etc, following guidance from Phoebe in the tutorial video. Shouldn’t take more than 10 mins. Then pop the jacket in the post back to us.

Then we'll use your prescribed fit to make your personal jacket! 

What feedback would I need to provide if I’m a trialist?

Just how we can improve! 2 x 10 question surveys.

What if I don't like my finished jacket?

Your order is fully refundable until production. So if you try the Fit Finder process and don't think it's working for you/would like to cancel, we will fully refund you (as soon as we have received the Fit Finder jacket back). Once your personalised jacket has been commissioned/ starts production, it’s non-refundable - please see our Fit Finder Terms for more information.  


I’m not a trialist - can I use Fit Finder now?

This page is for trialists only. Only 26 selected trialists are eligible for these products at this price. If you are not a trialist but would like to order a jacket with Fit Finder, please sign up here to make sure you’re the next to know! 

How will you know my size?

We'll start by matching your bust measurement to one of our base sizes, (eg 91cm = D). We'll work it out, and send you the correct jacket Fit Finder - but from there - you'll specify your custom fit when you try on the Fit Finder tool. It'll all become clear!

Do I need to go through the Fit Finder process every time I buy?

No! Another fab thing about using Fit Finder is that we’ll store your size & preference data, which makes it super-easy to buy a whole range of products online in future, knowing they are going to fit you beautifully: no returns, no waste, no hassle.



Order a fabric swatch here

How it Works
  1. Make your product choice from the options above and place your order (40% discount during the trial period only!)
  2. We'll send a Fit Finder jacket to your home in the best base size for you (using the measurements you have already provided to us)​ 
  3. You'll have a week to complete the Fit Finder process using the links we'll send (takes 10 mins using Phoebe's online video tutorials). We're on hand anytime to help!
  4. Send the Fit Finder jacket back to us with our free returns label and give us the green light to proceed with making your jacket in your chosen fabric, or cancel and get a full refund
  5. We'll make your chosen dream jacket (using the fit you loved most from our Fit Finder process) - and send it to you around 6 weeks later. 
  6. Enjoy your first custom made jacket & all the compliments!
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