Gormley & Gamble's latest offering; meet the Wardrobe M.O.T. One of G&G's trained consultants will visit your home and for a half-day, help you carefully curate, edit and update your wardrobe.

During this time we can do:

- Alterations (basic or extensive).
- Personal styling.
- Suggestions on what’s missing in your wardrobe.

We can take items away and organise:

- Cobbling.
- Industrial dry-cleaning and stain removal.
- Handbag renovation (cleaning, lining replacement, re-handling).
- Cashmere maintenance and de-bobbling.

To book a Wardrobe M.O.T. please buy online and we will be in touch to organise a date and time that is convenient for you. Wardrobe M.O.T.s can also be brought as a gift