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February 27, 2017

A G&G Experience

Bringing to life a bespoke item of clothing is no easy feat, involving strict attention to detail, the sourcing of rare and unique fabrics and a level of craftsmanship honed over many years. For those interested in the making process behind a Gormley & Gamble garment, read on below.

The First Fitting

  • The first, and most important, step in the making of a G&G piece is the initial consultation, where Phoebe, our founder, will chat to the customer about their lifestyle, work, wardrobe, and body shape, making fabric and design recommendations based on the answers.

  • We'll go through all the options of what you were looking for and refine that down. You can go off one of our in house styles, or pave your own path. In which case, I'll take out the iPad and we'll literally draw out what you want the garment to look like. 

  • G&G works with some very unique cloth houses and mills, either UK or Italy based. Many of these companies are several hundred years old and still family run, producing one-of-a-kind fabrics in small, select runs. Working with suppliers like these ensures that every roll of cloth used by G&G is of the highest quality, and cannot be found on the high-street. We have access to a vast library of fabrics of different weaves and weights, and so there is something for every colouring, preference, season and event.

  • Once fabric design decisions have been finalised, the client chooses to proceed or hit pause and have a think. Usually, it's straight into client’s measurements, taken discreetly in the fitting room, which will be taken and uploaded on to our system, along with their fabric choice and any other customisation options - including monogramming, coloured button holes and custom printed linings.

  • Our usual target turnaround time is between 6-8 weeks (unless an express service was specified and paid for).


Finding Your Fabric

  • Once a fabric order has been placed with us, we'll call the respective mill, have a chat about the weather then order the fabric. You can watch our video from a recent mill visit here.

  • We will then do this also for the client’s chosen lining (where relevant), and any other cloths and trimmings need to complete the garment.


The Making Process

  • Because every G&G customer, and subsequently order, is unique, we employ several teams of makers with different specialities, based across the U.K.

  • Our makers will first refer to the measurements provided by the tailor, using them to trace a ‘pattern’, from which the client’s fabrics will then be measured against and cut. Again, this is a very skilled process, requiring accuracy and a detailed knowledge of the different shapes used in a construction of a garment. Once the fabric has been cut it will then be stitched together and the lining added next.

  • On the high-street this process takes a matter of seconds, with garments cut in bulk by laser. On Savile Row we prefer a more skilled approach, with pieces of cloth cut and stitched lovingly, and precisely, by hand. A G&G design displays all the hallmarks of true craftsmanship.


Second Appointments

  • Once Phoebe has personally looked over the garment to make sure it matches all the design and fit specifications, you will be emailed to book a second fitting via the website. 

  • Tweaking of the garment is standard procedure at this point. Some finishing touches may take a few days, in which case the pieces are delivered to the client at their next possible convenience – anywhere around the world. 

  • If there are a few alterations, clients may wish to come in for a third fitting rather than have it sent out to them, but each are handled on a case-by-case basis. 


And What Happens Next?

  • We hope that all our customers found their time with G&G to be the unique, feminine and contemporary experience that they were seeking. As having a garment made on Savile Row is a first for many of our customers we pride ourselves on being able to offer something a bit different.

  • Once we've completed your garments, we’ll keep your measurements on file – meaning should a customer wish to place a future order they don’t even have to come in and see us (although we always love a catch-up).

  • For the three months of a garment’s life we offer fit changes on the house; any style adaptations will incur a fee. Wear it, enjoy it, dance in front of the mirror in it – take over the world in it!

  • We welcome all feedback – so if you’d like to get in touch, please drop a line to Phoebe here. 




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