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We get it. You don't want to spend a fortune on a white fluffy meringue you'll only ever wear for eight hours. You've come to the right place. Every year we see hundreds of brides looking for something personal, super special, that fits like a dream and can be worn more than - well - once. 

To discuss more with our dedicated team, book a consultation and mention it's bridal in the booking notes for a complimentary glass of champagne. 

Single breasted in our M2M range from £1200 for the full suit. Double breasted is Bespoke only. M2M offers 4 leg silhouettes, from cropped skinny to wide leg. 


Our signature ivory tux has been a best seller ever since we launched her. Inspired by iconic women of the century - the ultimate silky chic. And yes - we make the matching cami so you don't have to try to colour match a cami to the right shade of ivory. One less thing to worry about! 

Our lapels and linings are 100% silk, as are the buttons, pockets and optional smoking stripe down the leg. 


For those who love the idea of ivory - but aren't sure on a tux, we get it! These are some examples of more everyday fabrics for maximum future wears. On the left is a bespoke shawl collar textured wool with our skinny leg. On the right, a bespoke Irish100% linen with pearl buttons, bootcut leg and casual patch pockets. 


Of course - you don't just have to have ivory! We do loads of black tuxedos for brides, as well as navy. Black, above is from our M2M range, dark navy is bespoke double breasted. 

The bright navy double breasted is 100% double weight matte silk. It flows and flops so beautifully - like wearing silk pyjamas to your wedding. Bespoke, with bootcut trousers. 

Found the perfect dress somewhere but still need the jacket for it? We do that all the time too. Feel free to bring it in when you book your consultation, or ask for a fabric swatch if it's still being made. 

Inscribe it with insignia that means something to you two & wear it forever. 


Need something more custom? We love a challenge! Above was a copy of a red vintage dress the client owned & loved that we replicated. 

To the right - a couple adorned her jacket with tone on tone hidden messages that were sentimental to them. 

Far right, a classic boucle cropped jacket and boucle outfit. Also perfect for mothers of the bride & groom. Option to add bespoke contrast or tonal flat or textured trim anywhere to the jacket.

Bridal FAQ

I've left it late - what are the turnarounds?

​Express turnarounds available, average lead times are 5 week for M2M & 8 for Bespoke.


When should I come in?

There's no such thing as too early - we've seen ladies two years before due dates. Happy to discuss all details for you to have a better understanding of what's possible in person & have a think on it! No pressure.

​What are the prices?

Both M2M & Express are fully made to order, M2M starts from £600 for a jacket (5 fabrics, 10 linings, signature designs), Bespoke starts at £1600 (limitless fabrics, limitless linings, limitless designs). 

What do I wear underneath?

We make 100% silk camis in London, can be in any colour including the same silk that's on tux lapels. Shop here.

How many people can I bring to a fitting?

We have a tiny studio so comfortably, one or two. If you need to bring more people please book a zoom in advance to discuss your needs. 


Will I get too hot in a suit? Getting married in Greece in August?

We work with a range of weights including super lightweight Italian wools to heavy Scottish cashmeres. 

What don't you do?

Beading, fluffy froufrou, lace dresses (we'll do some lace details on a suit etc), ball gown style dresses, corsetry etc. For all of that, check out Luna Mae London.

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