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  • What type of tailoring services / clothing does G&G offer?
    We offer both made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring for women - everything is custom-made to your measurements, with premium fabrics and to the highest production standard that our clients expect. Made-to-measure presents a more affordable entry point by selecting from our existing styles & fabrics, which are adjusted to your specific measurements and trim preferences, whilst - with our fully bespoke service - we work with you to create your design & select from thousands of fabrics & trim options. Made To Measure: jackets, trousers, waistcoats, silk tops. Bespoke: we can make just about anything... suits, dresses, skirts, coats, shirts & more.
  • What is the difference between made-to-measure & bespoke?
    Made to measure Uses existing patterns from our best-selling products available in a range of stocked fabrics. Each item is custom-made in the same workshop we use for our fully bespoke service and to the same standards. We adjust the pattern to your own unique set of measurements. Jackets, trousers, waistcoats (available as co-ordinating 2 or 3-piece suits of course) and silk tops are available with prices are as displayed on our M2M page. There are many opportunities for you to customise your garment - for example, for jackets, a range of linings are offered as well as our complimentary monogramming service. Trousers can be ordered in a range of silhouettes. Overall, the Made to Measure service is a lower-cost option than the bespoke (alterations are not included in the price shown). Bespoke We create your own design & pattern from scratch. Our experts can show samples of hundreds of exquisite fabrics, or source a fabric to meet a specific need - or use fabric a client has found. The bespoke service also includes follow-up fittings and any alterations required to get to the client's desired fit. The pattern is then saved for any future orders. As each garment made is unique and the options are almost limitless, we do not list specific prices for bespoke - a quote will be given after their consultation - however our price guide can give an indication of starting points.
  • Does G&G provide alterations?
    We only provide alterations to garments we have made for our clients. Alterations are included in the price quoted for bespoke orders (for made-to-measure, subsequent alterations are chargeable).
  • Do you offer bridalwear?
    We don’t make traditional lace wedding dresses, however we're proud to say that we have provided hundreds of happy brides (and mothers-of-the-brides too) with a custom-made outfit for their special day! Increasingly, brides are looking for alternatives to conventional white, corseted dresses - especially if that alternative is an investment that can be worn time & time again for many years. Find some inspiration on our bridal page or book a quick online design consultation to your ideas with our friendly experts. For an extra special touch, we're pleased to offer our prides an extended embroidery service with (for example) the initials of the happy couple & date on the inside lining of a jacket.
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ clients: what is your Inclusivity Policy?
    We specialise in womens' tailoring for whoever wants to wear womens' tailoring and are very proud to have worked with our many LGBTQ+ clients over the last ten years. One of the wonderful things about bespoke is that it is not restricted by gender as we'll custom-make each item to your measurements and preferences: everyone deserves a great fit! We understand that navigating the world of bespoke tailoring can come with unique considerations, especially for trans women. Rest assured, we have extensive experience in fittings for trans women, and our studio offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. You are welcome to bring any guest along, regardless of their gender or identity, too!
  • Can I provide my own fabric?
    Yes, as part of our bespoke service we can use fabrics the client has already found, or our team of experts can advise on finding a fabric that's just right for you. Simply book a bespoke consultation and bring a sample of your fabric along.
  • Price Guide
    Made-to-measure is normally a more affordable and quicker option. Prices start at £395 for trousers, £450 for waistcoats, £695 for jackets and £350 for pure silk custom-made tops. You will see all of our current prices on our made-to-measure suits, silk camisole or and silk Tshirt pages. Extra charges may apply for certain types of linings or for express production. Bespoke Bespoke varies greatly but is typically more expensive than made-to-measure as we're creating a bespoke design & pattern too. Our team of experts will provide you with a quote at, or shortly after, your initial consultation. Bespoke prices include the cost of any follow-up fittings and alterations required to get your unique pattern just perfect. Pricing starts at around £900 for trousers and £1300 for jackets.
  • Express production: leadtimes and pricing
    Express production (14 working days) is available for all made to measure items and most bespoke items. Super Express (7 working days) options are available for most suit, jacket, trousers, skirt and waistcoat garments at an additional charge, if you have left it a little late. We'll confirm at the end of your consultation if Super Express is available, depending on the fabric and design you are looking for. Our current pricing list for Express production is as follows:
  • Can I get a copy / near copy made of an item I love from a different brand?
    Yes - this is one of the wonderful things about bespoke. Perhaps you have an old designer piece you adored that no longer fits or is too worn - or maybe you have a favourite item that you'd love in a different colour but the original brand no longer sell it. Many clients come to us with these requests and we love the challenge - book a bespoke consultation or, if you'd rather find out more first our quick 20 min online design consultation (by Zoom) could be an ideal starting point.
  • Are consultations free?
    Yes - all of our no-obligation consultations (with the exception of home visits) are free of charge.
  • Do I need to come to London for a fitting / appointment?
    New customer? * For any bespoke garment types, yes, an in-person fitting at our London fitting studio is essential, in order to tailor the item exactly to your needs, size and preferences. * For made-to-measure, generally, yes - we advise that you have a fitting at our London studio where possible. In certain cases, we may be able to carry out a remote fitting - if you are interested in that, please send us a message. Existing customer? If you have had a similar item before (eg trousers), we will have your pattern and measurements on record, so you don't need to come to the London studio if it's not convenient - unless of course you would like to be re-measured. We recommend one of the following: A. For existing client made-to-measure orders - you can order online and we'll use your previous measurements, or B. For bespoke, or if you just want to chat through your needs, schedule a quick Zoom consultation with the team.
  • What type of consultation should I book?
    All of our consultation types are free, so don't worry too much if you book the wrong type. New customers - If you are interested in a bespoke service, where we create a design and pattern from scratch, book a Bespoke 1:1 consultation, London for your first appointment. - We also recommend booking a Bespoke 1:1 consultation, London for all bridal requirements. - If you would like to be fitted for one of our made-to-measure items, book a Made-to-measure, London consultation. - To discuss a design idea before coming to the studio - or if you are just not sure if we're right for you yet, we recommend a short online Zoom consultation. Existing customers If we've already made a similar garment for you before, we'll have your pattern on record - email us to request some swatches or schedule a quick online Zoom consultation. For something new, we recommend booking a Bespoke 1:1 appointment. 2nd Fittings If you have already placed a bespoke order, our team will contact you when it's time to book your follow-up fitting.
  • Can you do home visits?
    Yes, we have carried out fittings at clients' homes and offices; this is restricted to inner London and subject to availability. A non-refundable £50 charge, payable in advance. applies. This booking option isn't available online - please email us on to enquire about suitable times.
  • How long will the consultation take?
    (1) Online (Zoom) design discussion : 10 - 20 mins (2) Made-to-measure 1:1 consultation: 30 - 40 mins (3) Bespoke & bridal consultations: around 1 hour
  • What are your opening days / times for bookings?
    All appointment types are available Tues-Sat **walk-in day Thursday 11.00 am - 7.00 pm** Monday: Closed Tuesday: 10 am–6 pm Wednesday: 10 am–6 pm Thursday: 11 am–7 pm *late opening* Friday: 10 am–6 pm Saturday: 10 am–5 pm Sunday: Closed
  • I haven't made an appointment but I'm in the area - can I come?
    Thursday - Walk-In Service We provide a walk-in service on Thursdays only, 11.00 to 7pm (please arrive before 6pm), this takes place in our Mayfair fitting studio. See 'attending your appointment' FAQ for more detail. Same-day bookings We frequently do same-day bookings at short notice, it's no problem. If you're in the Mayfair / Savile Row area, please chose one of the the links to find the next available appointment or call 020 3411 0310 .
  • Can I bring friends / family to my appointment?
    Yes, you are welcome to bring a friend or partner along - our Fitting Studio is quite small, so we recommend a maximum of 2 people. If you needed to arrange a fitting for a group of people or need a larger group to attend with you, please contact us in advance to arrange.
  • How to find us: in-person appointments, London
    Our Fitting Studio is at: Allbright Club 24-26 Maddox Street London W1S 1PP DIRECTIONS Nearest tube: Oxford CIrcus
  • Arriving At Your Appointment
    You don't need to prepare anything for an appointment, unless you had specific fabrics you wanted to bring, or images/inspiration you wanted to show us as part of a design discussion. Mon - Fri bookings, including Thursday walk-in appointments. When you arrive at out fitting studio (24-26 Maddox Street) please ring the buzzer beside the black 'Allbright Club' door and make your way to the 1st Floor reception. Tell them you are here for your G&G appointment and our team will come to greet you. Saturday bookings Please call 0203 411 0310 when you arrive at our fitting studio for your appointment - our team will come down to let you into the studio.
  • I'm running late / need to reschedule
    We will do our best to accommodate but please call us on 0203 411 0310 as soon as possible to let us know or reschedule.
  • Who will my appointment be with?
    We have an all-female team of trained experts, who can assist with design, carry out your fitting and prepare quotes or samples/swatches for you.
  • What happens once I place my order?
    Bespoke In the creation of a fully bespoke item or outfit for a new client, an individual pattern is created, to your exact measurements and posture. Using this one-off pattern your selected cloth is then cut and stitched in our workshop. At each fitting, your garment and pattern will be further personalised to fit you - we want to ensure you end up with a fabulous fit. This unique pattern is then held on file by us, ready for you to order your next outfit.
  • Do you provide alterations?
    We only provide alterations on garments we have made for our clients. For bespoke: Alterations are included in the price quoted. For made-to-measure: We custom-make your selected garment based on the measurements taken at your in-person fitting. Any subsequent alterations are chargeable.
  • Do I need to know exactly what fabrics or design I want?
    No - part of the service we delight in offering is to understand your needs and our team of experts will help narrow down the options and create a design or source fabrics, lining and trim to get to an outcome that's just right for you.
  • What payment options are there?
    We accept all major credit / debit cards. For larger orders only we will be happy to issue an invoice for payment via bank transfer. Payments must be made upfront however, for orders exceeding £5,000 in value we are able to accept 50% payment in advance and the balance at your 2nd fitting or, for made-to-measure, prior to dispatching the final items to you.
  • Can you ship overseas?
    Yes - we regularly ship finished garments overseas. Additional charges apply for international shipping which will be confirmed with your quote at your consultation (or in checkout if you are an existing client ordering online).
  • Refunds, returns & exchanges
    Because each bespoke and made-to-measure item we make is custom-made to your exact measurements, we are unable to refund or exchange for a different product. In the highly unlikely event of a fault with our workmanship, we will repair the item once we have discussed any issues with you. Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions for more detail.
  • Leadtimes - how long will bespoke take?
    It can vary depending on the complexity of your item and the fabric sourced, but typically, please allow: > Jackets / suits / trousers: 7 -8 weeks from date of order > Skirts & dresses: 7 - 8 weeks from date of order > Shirts & tops: 5 - 6 weeks from date of order > Coats: 7 - 8 weeks from date of order Express (14 working days) and Super Express (7 working days) options are available for most items at an additional charge if you have left it a little late - please refer to Express pricing FAQ for details.
  • Leadtimes: how long will made-to-measure take?
    It can vary depending on your selected item, but please allow: > Jackets / suits / trousers: 6-7 weeks from date of order > Waistcoats: 6-7 weeks from date of order > Silk tops: 3 - 4 weeks from date of order Express production (14 working days) is available for all made to measure items and Super Express (7 working days) options are available for most M2M items at an additional charge, if you have left it a little late - please refer to Express pricing FAQ for details.
  • What type of vouchers are offered?
    We offer both: 1. digital vouchers - which can be emailed to you or your recipient immediately. , in increments of £100. and 2. physical handwritten vouchers, beautifully packaged in our presentation box with grosgrain ribbons.
  • Gift voucher - delivery times
    Physical vouchers Please allow 2 - 3 days for (UK) delivery. We also ship globally - international shipping charges will be confirmed in checkout. You can also give us a call or email if you need to arrange express delivery [London only] - or check out our digital vouchers if you need same day. Digital vouchers The same, personalised service - these will land in their (or your) inbox immediately.
  • What can the vouchers be redeemed against?
    All vouchers, regardless of type are redeemable against the made to measure or bespoke clothing of their choice - so you can gift the ultimate luxury fashion experience without having to guess colours, styles and sizes. Your gift recipient should start with a consultation at our London fitting studio.
  • Gift voucher - expiry dates & refunds
    Vouchers can be redeemed in our London studio on any type of service or product we offer (even if you referenced a different product in your personal message!) for a period of 12 months. We'll write the expiry date on your vouchers. Returns and refunds Change your mind or your gift recipient decides it's not for them? No problem - we guarantee a refund on the full voucher value for up to 30 days from date of order (we don't refund any post & packaging charges that applied) provided that no product order has been placed using the some or all of the voucher prior to that point. Refund process Please contact us on prior to the 30th (calendar) day from the date of order to request a refund. Refunds will only be made to the card used to pay for the voucher on the date of order.
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