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'Consider tailored pieces a wardrobe investment - beautifully-cut separates will never be merely a trend.

Think outside the realms of corporate style - the message this season is as bold by day as it is night.'



Savile Row has never been the home to fast fashion, it maintains skills passed down from generations. It’s not going to be the place you go to for something that’s on-trend for a season and then gets binned, G&G is here to re-define the classics, beautifully, elegantly and simply by women for women.

"It's an addiction, a passion for femininity, womenswear
and Savile Row. W
e're honoured to be the first
brand who are partnering these together."

Phoebe, G&G Founder


Our mission is to bring the heritage art of artisanal personalised made-to-measure tailoring to women around the world at an affordable luxury price point, sustainably and with no compromise on the quality our clients expect from the first womenswear-only tailor on Savile Row. 


We're creating this world in four key ways

  • Sustainable business practices; fabrics, production and consumption

  • Innovative tech to create better value for money for customers and eradicate wastage

  • Best fit offering women’s wear has ever seen 

  • Championing heritage craftsmanship




Much like our strict making process, we are also very selective about the mills we use.

We only use British, Scottish and Italian mills that are experts in what they do. Customers can select from swatches of thousands of fabrics, and if we don't already have it, we can source samples upon request.


When you experience the process of what it takes to make a beautiful super 200s wool, and every process that happens in-between the shepherd’s careful watch to the final product, it justifies these cloths, and makes it very hard to go back to wearing 100% polyester-might-as-well-be-made-of-bin-bags.


A fabric we adore is silk. So much so we work in collaboration with a silk-printers in the UK to make custom-printed linings with images based on customer requirements, peonies, instagram feeds, personal photos, pugs, you name it.

"G&G is here to re-define the classics, beautifully,
elegantly and simply; by women for women."

In October 2015 Gormley & Gamble became the first women’s only tailor in the history of Savile Row. G&G, as it is affectionately referred to by customers, was founded by the young entrepreneur Phoebe Gormley, who had been interning between Savile Row and Jermyn Street since the tender age of 15. After finishing school, Phoebe decided to pursue this passion further, enrolling to study bespoke costume design at university.


However, her one hour of lectures a week left a large amount of time for dreaming and scheming, and Phoebe’s mind soon began to wander. At the end of her second year she made the decision to leave university, and proposed to take her final year’s tuition fees and invest them into a business of her own. Gormley & Gamble is aptly named for Phoebe and the ‘gamble’ she took quitting university.


Phoebe was dubbed Savile Row's Queen of Style by The Resident magazine, has been awarded ‘Young Star’ at the Women of the Future Awards, ‘Entrepreneurial Spark’ at the Great British Young Entrepreneur Awards, and has also been named in Management Today’s ’35 Under 35’ and Brummell magazine’s ’30 Under 30’ and listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 for her contribution to the Arts. She won Woman of the Future in 2018 and Marie Claire's future shaper award. Most recently, she was featured on global billboards in Apple's Behind the Mac campaign for being a history maker. 

Most recently Phoebe has set up Female Founders Presents, a not-for-profit to support and empower fellow female entrepreneurs. The first event was a Christmas shopping weekend, find out more here



Everything we make is hand-finished right here, in Savile Row. Impeccable quality is what we pride ourselves on. We’ve all been victim to the splitting cheap skirt, but no longer.


We love going above and beyond to use all our tricks-of-the-trade to solve nuisances. Hate exposed bra-straps? Elusive poppers secure them. Hate shirt-gaping over the boobs? We do secret zips in the side seams and the front sewn closed. These are all things that we can offer as makers, that the high street couldn’t justify. The devil, truly, is in the details.


"We're not designing one range to suit every woman but enabling every woman to design a range that suits them. Custom-made, made-to-measure."



Here at G&G, we know the saying ‘women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time’ to be true. We’ve spent years talking to women about what’s included in this 20%, what does it take to become a wardrobe-staple, something that these women love to wear? Every woman has a different reaction and opinion.


More often than not, these are individual pieces customers have found, and loved, and never found again. Lots of customers come to us saying ‘I had an ‘X’ that fitted like ‘Y’ and I’ve never found anything like it, please can you help’.


We’re redefining the classics, the wardrobe staples, and the must haves. Not designing one range to suit every woman but allowing every woman to design a range that suits them. Custom-made, made to measure. Whatever makes that woman tick, we do it. 


In a G&G fitting the most important part is understanding a client’s wardrobe persona. Each fitting starts with a series of questions about existing items in a wardrobe, what a client loves and loathes to wear, colours they see themselves in, fit preference from comfy to spray-on.


We ask all of this to get a clear vision of what they’re looking for, and ensure we co-design something for them that will be in their 20%. We have some standard designs, but can create anything.




Each G&G customer has a set of paper patterns made exclusively for them, and when customers place further orders, they don’t need any fittings, we simply use their existing patterns.


We love it when a client relies on their pattern and reverts to it every few months ordering new fabrics, knowing it fits them better than anything else has. This happens so religiously that customers have even set up standing-orders for dresses and/or jackets on a monthly and/or quarterly basis.


The fit of our garments is why most people come to us. This isn’t to say lots of our customers have unusual ratios, far from. Having only met a handful of women who can successfully buy small, medium, large garments like we buy our coffees, the sizing standards for women’s fast-fashion are just so unrealistic.


Absolutely average sized women are now even struggling to find items that fit properly, in all the right places. Let alone the ones who are tall, short, curvy or petite; heaven forbid a woman shopping anywhere else who combines some of these attributes trying to get anything to fit from the high street.


Menswear, having always had more limited styles than women’s wear, has always had the benefit of, even on the high street, having jackets come in standard sizes, plus short, regular and long, as well as ‘classic fit, slim fit, extra slim fit’ variations.


For every one size a women’s wear has, a menswear has nine variations. Mostly, they don’t even have boobs to contend with.


You can see why we’ve made everything we do made-to-measure, it’s been called for, now we’re answering.

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