Liberty Print Eyemask and Covid Masks 

Our business has come to a complete standstill because of corona, we can’t meet new clients, all the mills are closed and all the makers have gone home. It’s caused mayhem. Our main maker in North London has been accosted by the government to make PPE equipment for the NHS, but the workers who have children or older parents living with them can’t come in and work.


So we’ve devised a little side hustle to keep income flowing to them in this time - a mask for a mask. I am a self-confessed connoisseur of the perfect eye mask - I’ve been making them for years with the leftover silk from our workshop, and now my friends and family beg for them as Christmas and birthday gifts (a lost one is the only reason I hear from ex-boyfriends). So we’ve created this online store for people to purchase the ultimate eye mask. 

Our Covid masks are second to none, made with SilverPLus technology anti-bacterial layer of fabric to fight off and reduce bacteria, keeping you safer and mask fresher for longer, whilst being all machine washable. Our Lucky dip masks are using leftover workshop remnants, and our Liberty Limited Edition masks are using a gorgeous print designed by Rachel Peddar-Smith, 'The Herbarium Specimen‘ took 766 days in total. 

Perhaps a little good can come from a little luxury.

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