What's so special about this eyemask? There are loads of good options out there, right? Wrong. There's not much I brag about in life, I regularly get stuff wrong, but my ability to sniff out the perfect eyemask kinda makes me a sleep genius. 


Most eyemasks are polyester, either on the outside, or the filling. This means they make you a bit sweaty and don't feel great on the skin. We use pure silk, 19 momme weight (equivalent of 400 threadcount), no corners cut here, we even use it on the band - this prevents hair breakages. And in case that wasn't enough, our filling is 100% cotton domette, which is like pyjama flannel. It's the bomb. 


Most eyemasks use cheap thin elastic, this makes the pressure on your head feel like an elastic band. We use a thicker elastic which spreads out the pressure and lasts longer. 

Most eyemasks have the smallest surface area possible, this cuts down the amount of precious silk they need to use, but this means you get peeps of sunlight through in the morning, god damn the stingy eyemasks. Ours are like baby blankets for the eyes. Even just writing this I'm wondering why I'm not wearing one right now. 

Silk Eyemask - Block Colour

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