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custom made silk t-shirt silk colour pink blue green cream white black yellow orange

Design your own Silk T-Shirt


'What should I wear under my suit?' is a question we hear every day. Some people love a formal shirt and jacket combo, but others want something simple easy (and machine washable) to pop on undearneath for a day to night look, these camis & silk t-shirts are the answer! 


All camis and silk t's are made to order, handmade and hand stitched in London. Two weeks turnaround. 


To launch these beauties with a bang we're offering the fourth cami or silk t-shirt free when you buy three, just place the order for three and we'll email you to follow up for your colour choice for number four. Available in 18 colours in silk satin, and 16 matte silk we know you'll find the perfect cami right here. Want another colour? Just ping us an email and we'll be happy to help.


Unlike high-street cheap silk fabric, our silk is more substanital, less prone to snagging or warping. Our silk is comes in at a luxurious 19 momme (pronounched moe-mie) weight, which is like a higher threadcount on bedding. 


We will match existing customers to their correct size. If you're a new customer, we'll need a bust, waist and seat measurement which we can take on a follow up email. 

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