Italian Black stretch wool (95% wool, 5% lyrca) with black silk lapels, pocket jettings, and silk covered buttons. Plain black 100% silk lining, option to upgrade to alternative colour. Complimentary mongoramming avaialble. 


How It Works

- Pick one of the four fabrics and checkout. You will be sent video instructions on how to take some basic body measurements we will need from you. 

- We will send you a 'size sample' basted jacket to try on from the comfort of your own home in what we hope is close to your size. Book a 30 minute Zoom fitting where we will see the toile jacket on you, and make sure it fits. We'll also note down any changes in design you would like, as well as complimentary monogramming 

- We will then process your order for your jacket in your chosen fabric, in the correct size, with all your requested little details. In two weeks, your jacket will be ready, and once checked by Phoebe personally, dispatched to you around the world 

G&G Black Tuxedo Jacket